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I am sure, just hearing the word; Kinkos doesn’t bring any type of idea into your mind. Kinkos is nothing but a company or store and now it is known as FedEx Office print and ship service, Inc and these company generally offers a wide range of services for FedEx express shipping and FedEx ground. In addition to these services, they are dealing with other services like copying, binding, printing etc. Kinkos is having a large number of outlets. One of the specialties of these outlets is that, some of them provide the service of video conferencing too.

The Kinkos company was actually founded by a great person named Mr. Paul Orfalea in the year of 1970 and later in the year of 2004, it was bought by FedEx. The most attractive part about this company is that, they are the seventh largest printing business in the great land of North America. This company is generating more than $2 billion. The company started as a copy shop which had only one copy machine. Due to a dispute occurred in the company, he had to sell a large stake from the company. It was just after three years after starting the company. In his autobiography, he is telling that a group of lawyers had to work very had to get him out of his own company. At the beginning, company mainly focused on clients from small business as well as home offices. But according to the growth of the company more clients came from different fields of the society.

The company caters to home offices and small businesses and has got Kinkos locations all over North America, Europe, and Asia. At present there are many other centers which are located in different parts of the world like U.A.E, Korea, Kuwait, Canada, Japan, China, London, United States etc. Some Kinkos locations which covered the land of Netherlands, Mexico and Australia were withdrawn in the year of 2008 as a result of the low demands of the services and works provided by Kinkos.
There are variety of ways for the customers to find kinkos locations. One way is to visit the home page of the compnay and then just click the “find location” button or then they can proceed to the to find the different kinkos locations. All of FedEx’s offices are owned by corporate. The headquarters of the company was situated in Ventura, California. Later, it was relocated to Dallas, Texas. Now Dallas is the headquarters of the company.

At the time of acquisition of Kinkos by FedEx, the stores of Kinkos were opened for full 24 hours a day. But it only lasted till the acquisition was over. As soon as it ended, the working hours of the stores were been reduced by FedEx in many locations. In 2008, FedEx announced rebranding of the FedEx Kinkos into FedEx Office. But for some days, they put a board saying that Kinkos inside to ease the confusion of the customers in some stores.

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